Efficient Energy Power Company

EEPC: energy efficiency and comfort

Energy is society’s driving force. Without it there would be no warmth or comfort, no prosperity or well-being. Energy efficiency is an increasingly important consideration. It’s a prerequisite for a future in which high standards of living and working are the norm. EEPC (Efficient Energy Power Company) proves that comfort and energy efficiency are the perfect combination.

Our ambition: comfort and energy efficiency

Whoever and wherever you are, EEPC seeks to develop products designed to help you embrace energy efficiency, while also ensuring your personal comfort.

Solar and electrical energy efficiency

EEPC’s range of energy efficient products includes:

• electric ceramic radiators;

• devices and furniture for generating and storing solar energy.

Future-ready energy efficiency

EEPC products stand out for their:

• carefully-selected materials

• user-friendly interfaces

• functional and tasteful design.

This means you can expect energy efficient products from EEPC that are both contemporary and future-ready — not to mention beautiful additions to any interior.

Comfort and energy efficiency through collaboration

Energy efficiency is a story of large-scale collaboration. For its part, EEPC works together with committed government agencies, experts, distributors and consumers from all over the world. This has led to fruitful dialogues and ideas for EEPC products that consequently boast both energy efficiency and comfort, answering the needs and wishes of the eco-conscious 21st century citizen. Discover how EEPC can enrich your life with energy efficiency: contact EEPC today.

Our radiators

EEPC now offers very efficient electric radiators with alluminium casing and ceramic heart for optimal heat conservation. The most recent radiators have been equiped with wifi-module and are controllable via app on smartphone.

Warranty and support

Warranty There are 2 possibilities to claim warranty:
  • for the older -non Wifi models- keep your proof of purchase, not possible to register.
  • for the newest -Wifi models- please register your radiator on the website
  • for EEPC app questions, there are dedicated webpages which also contain a compilation of commonly asked questions, the FAQ.
  • you might find answers in one of our forums.
  • you can contact us by E-mail.

Ideal World

Attention: for UK the products are exclusively available via Ideal World

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